Atlantic Tecnology

The finest home theater and stereo speakers


Since Atlantic Technology started business in 1989 the company’s focus on quality and value has been their guiding principal. They are proud to have become one of the most highly regarded American companies specializing in designing complete high performance multi-channel speaker systems.

Atlantic’s small team are considered by many to rank right up there with the very top surround sound speaker experts in the world, and are often one of the first brands to adopt new multi-channel sound technologies from Dolby Labs, THX etc.

By engineering innovative audio products at affordable prices, Atlantic Technology have received dozens of industry accolades together with numerous spectacular reviews. Beyond performance, the company works exceptionally hard to ensure that their speakers integrate easily and attractively into a customer’s home as well as delivering consistently great movie and music reproduction.

Four models in the line feature the patented H-PAS technology which passively provides low bass without the need of any special amplifiers. H-PAS technology absolutely breaks what was previously thought to be the “Iron Law” of loudspeaker acoustics: the notion that you couldn’t have deep bass extension, good system sensitivity, and reasonable enclosure size all in one design.

Atlantic’s wide product line produced mainly at their parent company’s own factory in Asia, features floor standing, stand mount AND In Wall THX Certified models, along with powered subwoofers, in ceiling, in wall, on wall models, ‘soundbars’ and a ‘soundbase’.