Amina Technologies

High performance invisible audio solutions for homes and businesses


Based in Cambridgeshire UK, Amina Technologies Ltd is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of invisible loudspeaker solutions. Dedicating itself for over 12 years to developing vibrating soundboard audio technology, the products are specified by top designers and architects worldwide for use in prestigious family homes, amazing apartments and state palaces through to the very best hotels and spa complexes

Amina loudspeakers are normally installed below a final skim coat of finishing plaster, but they can also be successfully installed using lime plaster, wood paneling, leather and other surface materials. Walls and ceilings are then painted or wallpapered over so the product is completely invisible.

While Amina has a wide portfolio of invisible loudspeakers for various specific applications and environments, two product ranges stand out:

The Evolution Series takes Invisible loudspeakers into new territory with respect to sound quality previously unheard from ANY brand of invisible loudspeaker. As the name suggests, this is an evolution of the highly successful Amina AIWX series loudspeakers but with improved performance. The AIW750E model is Amina’s first 2-panel loudspeaker solution which combines both high and low frequencies making it their most advanced and powerful speaker to date. Bass extender and Subwoofers are also available to extend Amina’s low frequency performance.

Amina’s iQ Developer Series builds on their Opti-Damping and Opti-Drive technologies to create an all new, aggressively priced, invisible speaker family. The iQ series combines high clarity room filling sound with remarkably even frequency response – all at a competitive price point that enables the use of totally invisible Amina loudspeakers instead of the traditional yet often unattractive “dinner plate” ceiling loudspeakers.

Who wouldn’t want that?!