Acoustic Energy

ACOUSTIC ENERGY Award Winning Home HiFi Loudspeakers


Acoustic Energy Ltd was founded in 1986 and is a very well-known and respected UK based loudspeaker company. Based in the beautiful Cotswold Hills in the West of England in their own 15,000 square foot facility, Acoustics Energy – ‘’AE’’ – was originally launched to satisfy the needs of the professional audio sector of the market, offering great accuracy, precise stereo imaging, dynamics, and transparency coupled with high power handling and linearity. Due to these product benefits, the AE1 acquired a global reputation with musicians, recording artists and studio engineers that it still enjoys to this day.

As the company and the product line developed, the now legendary AE1 won the British Hi-Fi Award for Best Speaker in 1991 and 1992, and acclaim for the Reference Series within the hi-fi press grew world-wide. Over time, the hi-fi and home theatre market has become the principle focus for the company.

As well as its award winning flagship and reference products, a production alliance with AE’s parent company in the Far East, and new management in the UK has the company embarking on an aggressive product roll out plan to enter more price competitive areas of the speaker market. This year sees new attractive and great value Aego Sub-Sat and Soundbar products, elegant floor-standing and compact bookshelf models, and Active, Bluetooth and Extreme outdoor speakers being added to the range.